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Who Do You Trust?

As the open banking movement continues to unfold, many people are asking an obvious but entirely valid question: can we trust open banking? In this episode, Eyal explores the concept of trust in open banking, and how we can learn to trust the data sharing ecosystem upon which open banking is being built. To inform the discussion, he sits down with Ralph Bragg, the Co-Founder and CTO of Raidiam, a company that’s on a mission to create the world’s smartest, most trustworthy data sharing ecosystems. As an internationally-renowned expert in open banking technical standards and trust frameworks, Ralph helped the UK, Brazil and other regions build open banking they could trust. Together, Eyal and Ralph tackle what a data sharing ecosystem actually is, what it does and who the actors are that drive it forward, as well as essential security concepts like authentication, authorization and identity. Most importantly, Eyal and Ralph discuss why increasing consumer trust in open banking is critical, not just for the short term, but to rightly steer the evolution of the Internet itself for decades to come.

Specifically they discuss:

  • The purpose of a data sharing ecosystem
  • Strengthening trust in open ecosystems
  • Key definitions around identity, security and consent
  • Building an effective trust framework
  • How trust is enabled in the UK and Brazil
  • Comparing aggregated and federated models
  • Why trust is critical to the future of the Internet

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