Techie Till I Die

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There are a number of reasons for techies to ascend the corporate ladder. It might be time to step in into managerial positions while others take up the positions to help other employees or departments with tasks and projects.

This episode covers a situation where the organization does not seem to come up with any other way to reward the techies other than a pay grade through the ascension of an employee to higher ranks. Also, the common concern by individuals of how long is too long to stay in one position in a company is also a factor to consider.

Yes, employee promotion comes with an increase in salary, responsibilities, benefits, a better parking spot, you name it. This is good but the questions that this episode seeks to answer is:

  • Can all these upgrades or benefits still be implemented without adulterating the core function of a techie?
  • Also, is it time to restructure some departments as some functions are provisional?

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