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Proactive Ep 7: Ethnic Antagonism and Competition; The Joke is on Kenyans, the leaders are Friends!

Be Less Reactive to the NEWS HEADLINES!

Be Less Reactive to the NEWS HEADLINES!

Ethnic Antagonism and Competition

A quick look at Mali's coup, drama with Senators!

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If we do not find a better way to manage our diversity, particularly in the competition for power, then it will be our collective ruin. Even those who benefit from dividing us along ethnic lines will lose, and their children, and children’s children, will lose when this mode of competition runs out of room, as it eventually will.

Tribalism as a form of competition and antagonism does not just belong to ethnic groups, there are different forms of tribal attachment that are equally, if not more, destructive. What matters is the amount of cultural, social and political innovation that a country can produce to build itself structures that minimise group antagonism. 

The two leaders respect one another. They have been competitors and even used hard language at times, but they have always been friends and respected one another. They respect each other as individuals and as leaders,. They respect each other's communities. They respect Kenyans, and they respect our nation. Every single Kenyan knows and needs respect. Respect should not mean that we tolerate what is wrong. However, the two leaders want to say to all Kenyans: the sins of individuals should not be visited on groups. We must reject and censure anyone who conducts themselves in a negative and hateful way.

Build and strengthen the ties that bind us — The Taskforce also recommends that throughout their education, and in sustained civic education for non-students, Kenyans be exposed to — and incentivised to respect — ethnic and religious diversity, and for this principle to be reflected in the Public Service. Specifically, the measures required to implement this recommendation are as follows:

  1. School curriculum should feature compulsory components on history, cultural diversity, knowledge of the major religions including traditional ones, and the relationship between the Constitution and our cultures/religions.
  2. Ensure that secondary boarding schools that are publicly funded have representation from different Counties amounting to at least 50% of the student body.
  3. Align the National Museums of Kenya to this mission. Promote and support inclusive cultural centres in every County.
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