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Proactive Ep 13: The Constitution 2; Chapter 2 & 3 – The Republic and Citizenship

The Republic of Kenya shall be a multi-party democratic State

founded on the national values and principles of governance referred

to in Article 10. 

The governments at the national and county levels are distinct and inter-dependent and shall conduct their mutual relations on the basis of consultation and cooperation. 

The official languages of the Republic are Kiswahili and English. Kiswahili is the national language.

Constitution recognises culture as the foundation of the nation and as the cumulative civilization of the Kenyan people and nation.

Chap 3: Citizenship

A person is a citizen by birth if on the day of the person’s birth, whether or not the person is born in Kenya, either the mother or father of the person is a citizen. 

A child found in Kenya who is, or appears to be, less than eight years of age, and whose nationality and parents are not known, is presumed to be a citizen by birth. 

A person who is a Kenyan citizen by birth and who, on the effective date, has ceased to be a Kenyan citizen because the person acquired citizenship of another country, is entitled on application to regain Kenyan citizenship.  

A person who has been married to a citizen for a period of at least seven years is entitled on application to be registered as a citizen. 

A person who has been lawfully resident in Kenya for a continuous period of at least seven years, and who satisfies the conditions prescribed by an Act of Parliament, may apply to be registered as a citizen.

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