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Open banking definitions often differ from region to region. In the U.S., where open banking is decidedly market-driven, it is associated more with consent-driven data sharing, rather than standardization or regulation. Outside of regulatory constraints, U.S. open banking efforts are laser-focused on generating business value through true innovation. In this episode, Eyal sits down with Jane Barratt, the Chief Advocacy Officer at MX, one of the American leaders in account aggregation and a true fintech powerhouse. With over two decades of experience in the world of financial services, Jane has seen the open banking movement evolve from multiple perspectives. In her role at MX, Jane works with fintechs, financial institutions, policymakers and regulators to drive open banking initiatives that aim to fundamentally transform the world of finance. During the episode, Eyal and Jane discuss definitions of open banking from the perspective of a leading U.S. fintech, the evolution of standards and the future of American-made open banking.

Specifically they discuss:

  • Definitions of open banking from a U.S. fintech
  • How U.S. banks should approach data sharing
  • Why market-driven open banking leads to innovation
  • The advantages of not having regulatory constraints
  • Growing adoption of the FDX standard
  • The road to U.S. open banking regulations
  • How data should used to make customers’ lives better

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