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The Deputy President and some deputy governors have cried foul of being sidelined by their heads. Are they only beneficial during the voting process? How can leaders pair up and not have an unreconcilable disagreement for the five years that they are expected to be in office? 

We are back after a slight break. In this 30th episode, we look at this process of having an idea and bringing another person on board, devaluing them, and once they have served their purpose in our grand scheme discarding them. Also what ripple effect has it had on our politics especially the ongoing campaigns? We also look at some of the recent major happenings that occurred during our hiatus including:

  • The party primaries.
  • What’s next for the BBI.
  • Former President Mwai Kibaki’s Legacy.
  • Are we still voting and other topics.

Production is done by Aqute Media.

Music by Wataboi – Jungle Juice.

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