Entrepreneurship, New Innovation and Decision Making

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This 24th edition features entrepreneurship talk, embracing new innovations and decision making. 

Our guest is Alon Braun. Alon is an entrepreneur, a scientist, and an author.

This interview features part of his early years in his life in Europe as well as life in Israel. In this part of this conversation, he talks of his innovative ways and curiosity in the tech field.

The entrepreneur bit we get a few words to help individuals with start-ups. These he says are four points an entrepreneur should focus on to get the start-up up and running. Also, in addition, he mentioned some of the steps in the entrepreneurial journey which he covers in his book The Entrepreneur’s Journey: 8 Steps from Inspiration to Global.

Regarding new tech and innovations, he talks of how NFT and cryptocurrency are changing narratives. The effects of these on individuals and entities such as banks and governments. He also references these innovations to the introduction of the internet and his experience during the early ages of computer usage. 

Lastly, he breaks down how to make decisions, especially ones that require critical thinking. 

This interview was recorded at Aqute Studios. To hear more audio production from the makers of this podcast visit aqute.co.ke.

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