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Chemsha Bongo Episode 5: Are They Truly African Cities And What Identity Do These Cities Have

Oby Obyerodhyambo looks at our cities and whether they are truly African cities. 60 years later can we say that our cities are Africa-centric and remnants of colonial designs? Are we making efforts to Africanize these areas?

Kinara's piece on this episode almost connects to Oby's as he talks of our towns having identities. He covers how and why we need to make towns uniquely recognizable.

The transition is a poem from the series Fikira Zangu by Bonyo Buogha.

The last part of the podcast features an excerpt from Not Yet Uhuru. The excerpt on this episode is a part of Chapter One. 

Hosts – Oby Obyerodhiambo & Kigara Kamweru.

Production – Aqute Media. 

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